broken petals

embrace what makes you different and be yourself only for yourself


all the perfect things are not beautiful,

scars are beautiful, too.



He dreams and talks about years and years hence,

but she owns and lives in the present moment.


November painted happiness on my walls and made them colourful. It gifted me the entire happiness of my life. You were there with me, so close. But as the days became darker, I turned colder and let the fear consume me. I remember that day very well. You were beside me when I took the other way and vanished into the dark. I left you alone in the cold and that day left tears in my life.


an innocent mask hid
a sinister being
with malicious mind
and evil thoughts

i was oblivious to
such being by my side

i am remorseful

Her Empire

she handed him her empire
he clenched the keys
never to return
she endowed everything to him
the subjects opposed
but she believed in him
only him
he was an ugly creature
under the mask
she denied to notice
he crushed her crown
into pieces
the agony and betrayal
annihilated her
and she left eternally
without a goodbye

she was 18

but you
keep your eyes alert and wide open
carry a sword with you
and the time comes
mark your territory mercilessly
seal the doors
and elevate your empire walls

A Different One

He held my hand.

“You’re warm.” I said.

He looked at me and asked, “Am I?”

“Yeah. You’re just so warm.”

He smiled at me and brushed my hair.

All I have felt, these years, was cold – cold behaviours, cold backs, turning me down and pushing me away from the ones who claimed that they loved me. I had also started to turn cold because of the surroundings around me. The flames and sparks inside me were dying. And he came by and lit the flame brighter. Perhaps this was the reason why I found him warm and different. I knew, from the very beginning, that eventually he was also going to leave, like everyone else. But a little hope pulled me towards him. The hope that remained with me.

He was different. He was the one who could tear the surface, dive deep into the darkness and stir the core. He was the reason why I wanted to take one more breath, fly high to touch the clouds, walk in the crowd with those sharp and haunting eyes and talk to the moon.

Even the most beautiful tree must shed its leaves; we were not an exception. The course of the wind changed and blew us far away in a distant place. We chose our paths without a farewell. Nothing remained the same except the flame in me – I have kept it burning bright till today.


she is mysterious like the moon –
a part of her is always hidden.
the scars don’t diminish her beauty,
instead they tell the story of her bravery.
she opens up her soul only to the moon.
the moon caresses her pain
and heals all her wounds.
for who could know her better than
the moon?


He pushes her away

like he is wiping out

the stain from the shirt.

Without any objection,

she moves away.

She fights hard to stop

the tears from rolling down.

Only the dark has touched them.

He returns with

a sugarcoated apology

when the breeze turns chilly.

She welcomes his

insincere apology with love,

knowing that it is

killing her from the inside


The Isolated Corner

Tear the sparkles in her eyes,

the smile in her face,

and all her ‘I’m fine’.

Reach the corner where she

safeguards her cuts and wail

with melancholy and blues.

You will notice the

friendless corner effortlessly;

people rarely come to this

lonely and isolated place.

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