broken petals

embrace what makes you different and be yourself only for yourself.


He pushes her away

like he is wiping out

the stain from the shirt.

Without any objection,

she moves away.

She fights hard to stop

the tears from rolling down.

Only the dark has touched them.

He returns with

a sugarcoated apology

when the breeze turns chilly.

She welcomes his

insincere apology with love,

knowing that it is

killing her from the inside



The Isolated Corner

Tear the sparkles in her eyes,

the smile in her face,

and all her ‘I’m fine’.

Reach the corner where she

safeguards her cuts and wail

with melancholy and blues.

You will notice the

friendless corner effortlessly;

people rarely come to this

lonely and isolated place.


Words scare me the most.

They can enfold everything perfectly

and not let anyone see it.

Some days they hide pain and tears,

anger and vengeance disguise

as words the other days,

happiness and satisfaction may

envelop in many times,

yet I may not be able to know it,

and be late to wipe the tears

or lend the hand.

I have believed them

a numerous times,

but they are treacherous.

The Right Step

The heart argues as the feet

stride on the either direction.

Every step they take,

pushes me away from you.

The fragile heart denies to

endure the pain of separation,

but the feet ignore to listen and

keep moving forward

for they know that it is worth

to embrace the pain now.

The Night

The night is graceful

and forgiving.

I fill all the cracks and slits

as the moon defends me.

The moon heals me and

I refill myself every night.

His Memories

His memories are

exquisite to let go and

excruciating to protect.

She was Lost

She swallowed the tears

like the wine in the glass,

which she drank to wear a fake smile.

The tears and the wine, together,

drowned her deep down that

she could not find the way back.

She was lost.

Your Light

Don’t leave yourself

cracked and dark.

Fill all the rifts with the light.

Illuminate your soul.

Let your light overrule

their darkness forever

when they try to dim your light.

The Dance

Tell me how you felt

when we danced together

for the first time

amidst the crowd,

in the different world.

Your hands were on my waist,

and your eyes fixed on me.

As I was followed your lead,

I said, It’s the first time.

I’m dancing for the first time.

Keep moving with the music.

You replied.

The day like other day

unfolded some new magic.

You were so close to me

and I set you free after

locking you in my heart.

Years passed.

Time has brought you

back to me again.

This time, I promise

to dance with you till my last breath.

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