broken petals

embrace what makes you different and be yourself only for yourself


She holds

the universe within her,

which he will never be

able to explore.



Why do you let

your demons consume you

when you can rule over them?


the sun relishes my smile.

the moon wipes my tears.


because of you…

i am strong

Tale Unstated

everything flashes

right in front of my eyes.

every word they said

keep ringing in my ears.

i was begging you

to discern the truth.

i was witless.

i realized.

you pushed me aside

proving their words true.

it’s been months,

but like it happened yesterday

and every wound is unblemished,

wrapped up with pain and agony,

tears roll down my cheeks.

i break down crying.

the world around me freezes.

but. . .

the only thing i know now is

you aren’t here with me.


you can’t break
what’s already broken.
i can put the pieces
back to their places
easily now.

Home is You

With you, I am home.

Your Doorstep

I broke down all my walls for you

and here I am, standing

at your doorstep in the cold,

waiting for you to open up and let me in.

Know that, I will be waiting for you

there till the cold consumes all of me.

An Encounter

an unforeseen encounter
for a short time
between the innocent souls
became momentous.
your adorable touch
and playful voice
brightened the moment
and with a tender kiss,
you steered my heart
and melted the soul.

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