beyond the eyes

Embrace what makes you different and be yourself only for yourself.

Her Only Love

he is the brightest smile 

in her face and 

the deepest cut 

in her heart. 

Falling in Love 

I want to hear your silence 
and rummage through it 

to find the words.

I want to gaze into your eyes 

and touch those dreams 

playing in your eyelids.

I want to walk beside you 

and talk endlessly 

about the universe and us. 


They are dangerous. 

They destroy
every good thing they see.
I have heard that,
but I was unwary.
I let them in.
They are poisonous, too.
I realized.
They ruined us;
our jovial colours, and
our sweet music.
An awkward silence is the
only thing I find
between you and me now.

How am I? 

“How are you?”
The stars bring your message 

every night to me. 

Perhaps they bring it 

’cause I’ve never replied. 
How can I be 

when my hands are still warm 

but your body has turned cold? 

How can I be 

when my heart still beats for you 

but you can’t hear it? 

Guileless Gaze

I know them. 

Those eyes.
Your eyes.
Filled with dreams,
passion and determination.
Today, they were gazing at me
but looking at something else,
something different from
the world. I found strong
yet broken voice,  filled
with tears and pain
inside them.


Let’s play it tougher, 

unfair and rude.

My goodness will hide undercoat, 

deep and mysterious, 

covered by imprecise strictness.

I will be playing from the bad squad. 

You become better and I will be worse.

The unauthentic blanket 

will blind the eyes 

and take over them.

As the level advances, 

decency may weep in suffocation 

for it will start to fade. 

The tears must be paid off someday.

In the end, the victory 

is certainly mine. 


tonight when she came 

on my window sill, 

she whispered into my ear, 

darlin’ this is just the beginning, 

you will have to get 

more cuts and scars, 

but don’t let anyone blow you out 

because you need to rise 

higher stepping on those scars. 

i looked at her, 

the moon was beaming radiantly. 

she knows 

her dints and scars 

were the stories people talk about.


she embraced the pain, 

nourished it dearly.

it was special for her 

because it was 

his only present 

that she received 

from him in return. 

she could find him in it.

silently, she took it 

to the stars 

as she moved away,

wrapped up in tears.

he never noticed 

what he lost and 

she never returned.


A goodbye is beautiful inside. 

On the outside it disguises itself in sadness and pain.

We feel sad and shed tears over its disguise. 

Sadness is ephemeral. 

Tears stop rolling down faster than we think. 

We don’t get stuck at the same place forever because time demands change. 

Change is the natural law that bounds everyone.

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