beyond the eyes

Embrace what makes you different and be yourself only for yourself.

Your Heart?

Everyone dares to love you 

when you bloom but it takes 

a true heart to keep loving 

when you wither and perish. 


One day, I shall return 

the real you to you and 

vanish completely from 

your life. I am going to take 

my portion of love from you. 

I swear I won’t leave a little 

part of my love with you; 

so you do not have to 

remember or miss me. 


I am not one of them, 

who walks on the surface, 

talks with your soothing smile 

and passes by. 

I can dive into the depths, 

swim across the darkness 

and reach the cave, 

where you have hidden 

your pain and tears. 

When it rains. . .

When it rains, grab my hand 

and wrap me in your arms. 

We shall dance 

with the sound of the rain 

and fall in love 

with each rain drop. 

‘Cause you love the rain 

and I love to dance with you. 


I’m not letting you go.

Those words exhibited his confidence.
She stole a glance at him silently,
cautious enough not to fall in love.
He locked her in his embrace.
She felt warmth for
she has been cold for ages.

Her Only Love

he is the brightest smile 

in her face and 

the deepest cut 

in her heart. 

Falling in Love 

I want to hear your silence 
and rummage through it 

to find the words.

I want to gaze into your eyes 

and touch those dreams 

playing in your eyelids.

I want to walk beside you 

and talk endlessly 

about the universe and us. 


They are dangerous. 

They destroy
every good thing they see.
I have heard that,
but I was unwary.
I let them in.
They are poisonous, too.
I realized.
They ruined us;
our jovial colours, and
our sweet music.
An awkward silence is the
only thing I find
between you and me now.

How am I? 

“How are you?”
The stars bring your message 

every night to me. 

Perhaps they bring it 

’cause I’ve never replied. 
How can I be 

when my hands are still warm 

but your body has turned cold? 

How can I be 

when my heart still beats for you 

but you can’t hear it?

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