beyond the eyes

Embrace what makes you different and be yourself only for yourself.

If Someday 

If we cross our paths 

at crossroads someday, 

can we pretend that we 

never knew each other? 

Forgetting those days, 

when we listened the music 

enjoying the sun 

and the breezy nights, 

we opened our hearts 

resting on the roof 

with the stars watching us, 

let us just pass by 

like those strangers 

on the street. 

The sun may hide behind 

the clouds to hide his tears, 

seeing us ignoring each other. 

The wind may stop blowing, 

to escape from your scent. 

But you just keep moving 

without turning back.


​On the table, 

rests a pile of letters,
untouched and dusty.
Thousands of letters were
dropped and read by her.
Every letter was the same;
they demanded a sacrifice.
She immolated herself
until the day she was
almost empty and had
the urge to protect herself.
She ceased to read,
denied to touch those
papers and refilled
herself to become whole,
little by little, gradually.
She stands tall and lofty
with a newly born self.

A Deadly Sword 

​Your secrets can be 

a deadly sword for
the person whom
you entrusted
your secrets with;
sharp enough to slay you.

Home is You

​You were there 

and I had a home, 

warm and cozy, 

where I could 

celebrate my happiness, 

whine about my problems 

and cry flood of tears. 

All I knew was, I was happy. 

Nothing was wrong 

until the day a violent storm 

smashed the roof, 

broke the windows 

and destroyed the walls. 

Sleepless and teary nights 

on the cold rupture floor

is all I have now.

I have become homeless.



crafted with
the heavy words
of beautiful kind,
yet so light that
it faded away
with time.
Kept me
wondering how
little it meant
though it was
about conquering
the whole


​From the ashes, 

I shall rise again, 

more lively 

and vibrant, 

like Phoenix and 

soar very high 

in the open sky. 

You may not be 

able to see me, 

but my presence 

will always be there. 


Will you take my love? 

Sorry darling, I have nothing to give you in return for your love. Even the broken pieces are all gone. 


Tonight the moon 
is singing again 

the song of victory. 

She has put back 

her delicate soul 


She knows that 

once again 

she will be 

drawn off; 

till she is 

down again in 

the dark sky, 

alone and cold. 

Then she will 

replenish herself 

and stand tall. 

This goes on – 

they keep 


but she 

never gives up.


​ he searched for 

her on the surface,
but she dwells
in the depths,
where she
has built her
own empire

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