broken petals

embrace what makes you different and be yourself only for yourself.

His Memories

His memories are

exquisite to let go and

excruciating to protect.


She was Lost

She swallowed the tears

like the wine in the glass,

which she drank to wear a fake smile.

The tears and the wine, together,

drowned her deep down that

she could not find the way back.

She was lost.

Your Light

Don’t leave yourself

cracked and dark.

Fill all the rifts with the light.

Illuminate your soul.

Let your light overrule

their darkness forever

when they try to dim your light.

The Dance

Tell me how you felt

when we danced together

for the first time

amidst the crowd,

in the different world.

Your hands were on my waist,

and your eyes fixed on me.

As I was followed your lead,

I said, It’s the first time.

I’m dancing for the first time.

Keep moving with the music.

You replied.

The day like other day

unfolded some new magic.

You were so close to me

and I set you free after

locking you in my heart.

Years passed.

Time has brought you

back to me again.

This time, I promise

to dance with you till my last breath.

The Breeze

I watch as his fingers dance 

along the guitar to create wonders. 

He knows exactly 

what makes me smile and 

plays my favourite song. 

The trees dance to his tune 

in the breeze and my heart 

dances with them. 

He looks at me with the eyes 

filled with regards, 

I look away making sure 

that he doesn’t read my heart 

through my eyes. 

My Victory

Neither it is the first time, 

nor will it be the last. 

They have broken me down 

for many times. Now I know 

where the pieces fit perfectly. 

So, they can’t rejoice their 

victory for a long time.

Selfless Love

her face radiates the love for him 

her eyes sing the glories of him 

her hands serve happiness to him 

her feet never walk away from him

In Your Thoughts 

I live somewhere 

in your thoughts 

and prayers. 

Seek and I shall be 

visible to you.

Your Heart?

Everyone dares to love you 

when you bloom but it takes 

a true heart to keep loving 

when you wither and perish.

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