I sat down on a bench burned-out. 

He followed me and sat down beside me. 

The flame was consuming everything 

Before I could put it out completely.  
The wind passed by my face swiftly, 

Pleading to cry out all the pain. 

But the tears was weak enough 

To carry the flames out with it.  
I wanted to weep and scream aloud, 

But I stabbed the heart one more time. 

And let it sob and suffer within itself. 

He observed me without a question.  
I felt warm when he held my hand. 

His eyes told me to stay strong, 

And his smile healed my soul. 

I had to restore myself and be a whole.  
I lean onto him gently, eyes-closed, 

And let out all the pain and grievances. 

His soothing hands had hypnotic effect. 

It was a different peaceful world and me.