She is the most beautiful creation

filled with love, care and compassion.

Her tender touch heals the pain and 

her warmth melts the frozen hearts.

She is brave and delicate at times.

She burns herself to illuminate others.

Her strength can move the mountain

and her tears can fill the ocean.

Yet the society curses and torments her.

Yes, it is the same society that

worships goddesses more than god

but mourns over the birth of a daughter.

She is regarded as a curse and misfortune 

even before she opens her eyes to sread the world.

Between the four walls is where she lives.

Her subdued voice is muted before it is vocalized.

Little has changed with the time. 

Now she knows to fight and break the walls,

self-support and fly high with her wings.

Her voice is a scream that can’t be capped.

She struggles and tussles with her fate.

Victory has become her unstoppable habit.

She resides and roams freely as her will.

Is she still considered as a curse?